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The Dry Carpet Cleaning System

Xtreme Dry Carpet Cleaning uses a system that was designed to eliminate many of the compromises associated with wet cleaning methods. It is a low moisture system based on a familiar cleaning item, the sponge. Imagine your kitchen sponge. It holds water, cleaning agents absorbs and wipes away dirt from surfaces. This process of carpet cleaning performs the same function. It holds the necessary cleaning ingredients, absorbs, and wipes away the soiled areas of the carpet with an applicator. The system uses a machine with two 5 inch diameter, counter-rotating brushes to massage in the moist sponges cleaning deeply through the carpet where it contacts the soiled yarns then dissolves and absorbs the dirt from them.

Xtreme Dry Also offers Upholstery Cleaning In The Myrtle Beach Area

Our same dry technique is used in our upholstery cleaning as well.

Our upholstery cleaning service uses the same technique as our carpet dry cleaning service. With our upholstery cleaning service, there will be no waiting to sit in your favorite chair! And also as with our professional carpet cleaning, our upholstery cleaning service leaves your chairs and couches cleaner than with traditional methods.

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Additional Benefits

The machine offers the additional benefit of pile lifting which opens the pile and helps to release the soil. The final step is to vacuum up the sponges along with the soil it holds. The extractor vacuum on the machines feature a high power, built in vacuum to perform this function. In addition to cleaning your carpet, why not improve the health and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of your home.

Key Facts

One cleaning with Dry Extraction Machines reduces:

Dust Mites – 78%
Dust Mite Allergens – 75%
Mold Spores – 85%
Cat Allergens – 85%
Filters out dirt particles as small as 1 micron in size at 99% efficiency
Optional filter removes particles as small as 0.3 microns at 99.97% efficiency
Cleaning sponges deep cleans and removes allergens with less than 1 teaspoon of water per square foot. This is not enough moisture for biological to start growing.